Educational Epiphany

Last week’s show changed my perspective. I always have had a chip on my shoulder for not having gone to a top-tier school. My limited cerebral horsepower forced me to attend the University of Maryland. But after hearing the story about how an MIT engineering student (with the assistance of a Harvard student) managed to lock himself into a car trunk with the key in his pocket, I had an epiphany that I was probably better off going to Maryland!

When I Was In High School A Fellow Student Had A Brother Who Was An Irrefutable Genius.

However, it was not at all unusal for my friend to have to remove articles of his brother’s clothing from the toilet in order to use it. In the bathroom, the genius brother would frequently confuse the toilet for the nearby clothes hamper.

Being highly intelligent in one area doesn’t necessarily qualify one for being intelligent across the board. I like to consider myself well-rounded.


There are a lot of “absent minded perfessers” out there!

It isn’t the education - or where you went - it’s what you did with it that counts.

The landscape is littered with hugely successful people who never even went to college, or in many cases never graduated. There was that patent clerk…what was his name…Albert something…
And then there was young Bill Gates…and Steve Jobs…
Oh, and we cannot forget Leonardo DaVinci, who was 500 years ahead of his time.

It’s been said that college teaches you to get and hold a good job. But success means you need to learn how to make money. These are entirely different skills.