Edelbrock E Force Supercharger for 07 Mustang GT

Hey guys I was wondering if anyone has had any experience with the Supercharger kit available from Edebrock for the 4.6lt 07 Mustang. It comes natually aspirated at 300hp 320ft lbs of torque but I want more. The Supercharger claims to build up to 466hp 440 ft lbs. Anyways I have the 5 speed tremic transmission and 3.31 gears in an 8.8 rear. will this substantially shorten the life my my engine if I do not drag race? Also I use Royal Purple for the engine, trans, and dif. KN oil filter. currently my car has 17K not too bad for an 07. Thanks!

“The light that burns twice as bright lasts half as long”…

What percentage of time do you spend at WOT?? Because that’s the ONLY time a blower makes any difference…

Ask Edelbrock THIS question: Will I need to lower the compression ratio to avoid damaging the engine at full boost?

Do you need to pass an emissions test? You can’t have the CEL lit up or disconnected…

Ummmm, superchargers are always working. Turbos only work when there is sufficient exhaust gas to spin them. I have a Kenne Bell supercharger on my 03 GT. It’s been on there for about 50k miles so far and have had no mechanical problems at all with it. The importance of a proper ECU tune when going from N/A to forced induction cannot be overstressed. A good dyno tune will run you about $250-$350 depending on who’s doing it. It’s money well spent. The TR-3650 in your car can handle around 550 ft./lbs. of torque without any trouble. 460ish HP is well within the tolerances of the stock internals of your engine. Durability shouldn’t be an issue. Your axle should be fine as well the S197 GT’s use 31 spline axles.

your asking in the wrong place. find a performance forum and ask there.

That’s certainly a reputable brand. I’d want to know if there are other good superchargers out there, I imagine there are, so check out a Mustang forum for their experiences. Also, I would think some of the performance magazines/web sites (Hot Rod and the Ford/Mustang specific ones) have looked at them, with lots of info available.

I’m not too familiar with the late supercharged Mustangs but if they’re set up like most every other blown Ford (also applies to GM products, etc.) the engine will have a normal lifespan unless you’re beating it into the pavement.

The intake tracts are designed with a bypass and this means the engine is running as a normally aspirated one until you put your foot in it.
With normal driving the engine will not even be in the boost.