Eddie Who?

My wife remembers there being an Eddie Bauer edition of Subaru Outback, and I think she’s getting Eddie Bauer confused with L.L. Bean. How can we best settle this serious question once and for all?

The Ford Explorer had an Eddie Bauer Edition, I believe. It would therefore be unlikely that a Subaru would have the same edition. L.L. Bean might be more likely, as you say.

Years ago American Motors had a car with a Levi Strauss Edition, i.e. denim upholstery.

I only know that the Explorer had an Eddie Bauer edition.

I know that the Aerostar had an Eddie Bauer edition because I owned one. I think that this name was also applied to the Explorer.

You are right, and she is wrong.

The Eddie Bauer name was used on the Explorer.
Subaru used the L. L. Bean trademark.
Jeep used the Orvis name on an upscale model.

The idea was to use the name of a prestigious “Outdoors/Camping/Hunting Supplier” on an AWD vehicle, and each trademark was used by just one manufacturer.

Now that Eddie Bauer has entered bankruptcy, it is unlikely that you will see that name again as a symbol of prestige.

You can best settle this serious question with humor, roses, and dinner out. Call yours an Eddie Bean edition, the best of both worlds.