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Eclipse hesitates only sometimes when begining in 1st gear

This is a 2002 eclipse. Today after the light turned green my car hesitated just to get going. After shifting into other gears ( automatic ) no hesitation. Check engine light came on. Later,after driving all over town, it was fine again and light went out. Fuel injectors maybe???

What kind of hesitation was it? Did the engine stutter and stumble, or did it rev up, then seem to catch and take off? We need to isolate either the engine or transmission as the cause of the problem. The way you describe it sounds like transmission slip, not an engine problem. Start by checking the level of the transmission fluid. Consult the owners manual on how to do this, or follow the directions stamped on the dipstick. Most call for the transmission to be hot, engine idling in park on a level surface. By the way, fuel injectors are not failure prone in most cars, including yours.

You need to find out why the Check Engine Light came on as a start. The CEL is the car attempting to talk to you so you need to listen to it.
Many chain auto parts stores will scan the car for you free and it only takes a few minutes. Get this done and post back, IF the following does not apply.

The transmission fluid is low. That’s the first thing I thought from reading your post so I agree with Mark9207.

Have checked transaxle fluid and showing fine. Hooked up to diagnostic tool and it shows misfire on cylinder 4. Could possible fix be basic tune up? New plugs / wires distributor cap? Or something more serious?