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Eagle Talon Headlights Won't Retract

This morning when I went to the garage, I panicked because I thought I had left the headlights on. Instead, the retractable cover won’t close. The headlights will go on and off, but cover won’t close. Is it a fuse or something more complicated? Let me guess $$$$$

leave them up.

When I bought my Dodge Charger, back in '71, the first thing that I did as soon as I got it home was to disconnect the electrical connection so that the headlight doors would stay open. This styling affectation is not functional, and can lead to problems such as the headlight doors jamming in the closed position.

As Bill said, leave them as they are, and count yourself lucky that they are stuck in the open position.

about like the retractable wing one of the VWs has.

Huh? VW has a retractable wing model?

The only cars I knew of that has these were the Porsche 911 Carrarra (sp?) and the Bugatti Veyron!

Ah, don’t listen to them… flip-up headlights are frikkin’ sweet.

Okay, the incredibly simple solution might just be that you accidentally flipped the manual override on them. There’s a switch somewhere, probably with some sort of baffling pictograph, that lets you flip up the lights without turning them on so you can change the light bulb. They might have put the switch somewhere you can easilly bump it.

If that’s not it, I believe there is a fuse for the motor, or it could be the motor itself. If you have an owner’s manual, it will probably show where they are.

Something like that. I have a Passat, and I keep running into references to that model in my manual, it has to be lubricated every 5k miles.

Searching the internet, all I can find is “Power retractable wing mirrors” whatever they are…

Headlight switch is top left dashboard next to the A-frame. Check and lubricate the tracks on the headlight mechanism. To access them, put the lights up and take the plastic around the lights off, they are held on with phillips screws. A lot of times the light falls out of the track due to poor lubrication.