E-torque hemi

So I did a little research because I noticed there are 2 different 5.7 liter hemi engines available on Ram pickups. The standard engine has 395 hp and 410 ft-lb of torque, tows 11,410 lb. and the mileage is 15/21 mpg. The e-torque has 395 hp and 410 ft-lb of torque, tows 11,310 lb. and the mileage is 17/22. The e-torque replaces the standard alternator with a generator that provides an electric boost. So is the 2% city, .5% highway fuel economy improvement and 1% less towing capacity really worth making 2 different engines of the same size with the same power and torque ratings?

Exact same engine, different generator. Not a big deal as an offering. Likely the non E engine was certified long ago, E version recently certified so no significant additional costs.

The older non E likely for the few luddites who don’t want E anything.

The eTorque gives more torque at lower speeds and rpm’s

For quicker acceleration from a standstill or when pulling your boat out of the water or to get that 5th wheel trailer up to speed quicker.

eTorque doesn’t really do anything at highway speeds, just more torque at lower speeds.

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I was thinking the E-torque operated somewhat like a hybrid. It adds 130 lb / ft of torque to the Hemi low in the rpm range. Peak hp and tq remain the same. So, higher torque at low rpm with the e-torque Hemi, better city mileage. But there’s an additional battery like a hybrid and I don’t know how that option affects the price.

Count me as a Luddite for now. I’d pass and just get the regular Hemi. I do not trust the hybrid system in a Ram / Fiat to not be problematic.


The highway fuel economy improvement is actually 4.7%, city improvement is 13%.
Maybe that’s worth it?

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Oops. Looks like I misplaced a decimal point somewhere along the line. As the saying goes, “Of all the things I’ve lost I miss my mind the most.”

Thanks for the correction.

How much weight gain is there for battery and control system?

The max towing between the e-torque and regular Hemi only drops 100 lbs, but really you’d have to look at max payload difference to see the weight gain. It’s a CAFE thing, another way to try and meet the goals. Like I said, I’d opt out of it I think…on a Ram.

I read recently about the 2022 Tundra. Total redesign. No V8 anymore, they offer a 3.4 liter twin turbo v6 (similar to Ford’s ecoboost). They’re also offering a mild hybrid system, similar to E-torque. I’d trust a Toyota version mild hybrid a little more. They should have the hybrid thing down pat by now. But…the cost of these rigs is getting unreal.