Dyno mode mistake

I own a 2003 Mercedes-Benz S500, we put the car in dyno mode and turned off the ESP and ABS, how do I turn them back on?

Press the button for 3 seconds and they should activate. If not,read your owners manual

What is dyno mode?


I’m guessing it is a test mode for when the techs want to drive the car on rollers. In order to measure something that a customer says occurs during a drive, but can’t be easily measured driving down an actual road.

Thanks! Makes sense. Mercedes shoulda hid the switch!


I disagree

Just a few years ago, when OP’s car still had to go on the dyno for a smog, that switch had to be depressed, to deactivate the electronic stability control

It would make no sense to hide it. It serves no meaningful purpose, and it just makes the smog inspector’s job that much harder. If he knows the car has electronic stability control, he’s going to have to figure out how to disable the system. And if he doesn’t know, and finds out the hard way, when warning lights appear in the cluster . . . during his testing . . . and he naturally aborts the test, now he has to enter a reason for “aborted” test and he’s lost time (which is money in this case)

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In some areas vehicle emissions testing is performed on dynamometer type set of rollers.

Now I got it! Thanks, all!


In my state in Mexico, that is how it is done, with a tailpipe sniffer thingie.

On all vehicles, regardless of model year or gvwr?

Since my total experience has been with my Mexican Sienna, I have no way to answer that question. Sorry. The verification station does not have space for large trucks, though. And, I do not know their smog rules at all.

Yeah, dyno mode is used to give you all the problems with the c a r…

No rollers needed, it tells you the cars issues