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Dynamat Install (2009 Subaru 2.5x L.L. Bean)

So much great advice last time I have another question.

With more plastic in cars these days I have a vibration issue when I play music with more base (I’m not some head banger that plays it loud either), it seems to be coming mainly from both front door panels. When I press my arm against the door it stops on one side…of course this isn’t a safe way to be driving down the freeway. :slight_smile:

Since my attempt at tightening the screws on the door panels didn’t fix the whole problem I was told to install dynamat around the speakers. So I bought two squares of it. Someone said I might need more for the whole door - not sure if he was just trying to increase the sale. I figure the round circle I cut out will be extra so I could possibly add that somewhere on the door panel too so I don’t just throw it away.

Any suggestions??
Advice on how to install would be helpful too if someone has installed it on this type of car before, I just don’t want to open the door panel and find a surprise and screw it up because I “missed” an important step. I plan on diving into it this weekend since it’s not getting any warmer the next few weeks.


I wonder if the mounting bolts for the door speakers have loosened. When you get the door panel off, I think some rubber washers on the mounting bolts might help.

Thanks, I will check that out.

Heavy bass can cause all kinds of vibrations, not just around the speakers. You may want to go to a good car audio shop. Or go to the dynamat site. Typically it’s put on in large sheets covering the entire door, floor, etc, not small pieces.

I’m pretty sure the door panels haven’t changed from when I replaced my daughter’s forester speakers. Our legacy is the same as yours but haven’t looked at that part of the car yet.
The door cards usually come off pretty easily after you loosen a couple of metal screws. I seem to remember there’s one under a little panel where the door handle is located.
After you loosen the screws, You may have to pry a little, just to loosen the clips. Start with the bottom and then the sides. The door will lift up and out of the way.
Also be careful with the wires to the switches. It disconnects but but you can turn the door car such that it sits on the floor without stressing the wires.
Do it in warmer weather or a heated garage because those clips do break and then you’ll have rattle everywhere.
Get this plastic prybar set so you can’t damage stuff:

Dynamat just sticks on. Make sure you clean the surface (although that shouldn’t be too dirty, it having been hidden). I’ve used it on floors and used a wall paper roller to make sure the contact cement adheres well.
Hope that helps.