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Dying during Idle

My 2000 Jeep wrangler is dying while idle. Most often when cold starting. It dies at red lights and once in a while just after it is started. If put back into park and turned off, it will start right up again. This is an intermittent problem. I have already changed the spark plugs and the IAC. My normal mechanic had it for a week and claims he could not recreate the problem.

When it isn’t stalling does it idle perfectly well? Is the problem completely limited to being at idle, or do you sometimes get some rough running while driving?

Check the computer coolant temp sensor. This has one for the dash and a seperate one for the coolant. It may be the comp does not think the engine is warm enough. Restarting puts the system into a 2 minute loop to test the system.

It only happens while idle. When this problem is not occurring, the car idles perfectly well.

Interesting, never thought of that, I will have my mechanic look at that option. Thank You