Dutch Door Locks - Astro Van

2002 Astro Van Dutch door hatch won’t release latch on the left side, but the right does. When I try to open the hatch, whether I use the remote keyless entry, the inside automatic door locks or the key, only the right side latch releases – the left does not. Can I use some kind of a tool (like a big whack with a fat hammer? to get the left side to release, or am I going to let the robbers at the dealership pay the next payment on their beach house with my Visa? Please help. Mom in Myrtle Beach.

I don’t think brute force will work if the problem is really with the lock mechanism. You don’t have to use the dealer to work on this problem. You may find an independent shop will do the job for less money.

Perhaps the left side door needs to be opened manually. (as in not designed to open electronically)

There is hook inside handle that came loose. As time goes by and the door gets slam it wears out the retainer and eventually comes loose. You’ll need a screwdriver and some patience to get the job done. Mostly patience!