Dupont freon 12

I found a can of this today, what do I do with it?

Give it to someone with an older car; or drop it off at any A/C specialty shop. Although no longer manufactured, it is recovered from old refrigerators and cars being scrapped. The price keeps going up, since there is no new supply being manufactured.

Take it to anyone who does AC repair, hold it in front of their face and say, “Twenty bucks!”


You may be able to sell it to this guy…

That is the quote of the day.

Sell it on Craigslist.

Can’t do that. You have to have a license to sell any refrigerant on the internet. And then you have to make sure the buyer has the license to purchase it.

There was someone selling 30# jugs of R12 refrigerant on Craigslist here. And they got busted for not keeping records of how much was sold and where it went. And if it was sold to licensed purchasers. They’re looking at some pretty big fines.


Legalities matter not. :slight_smile:

The first add I looked at for R12 stated, “You must be authorized to use this.”


R-12 is still used in commercial refrigeration systems (beer coolers) and is available to “authorized” installers in the U.S. In Mexico, it is available to anyone who can afford it. They sell it in 1 liter disposable containers…

A single 12 ounce can is not going to be worth very much because it’s almost useless…

Now that 90% of the cars that used it are off the road, it’s no longer a big issue…

True enough, but many of those people selling R12 on eBay dont’ specify one way or the other or they rely on a Scout’s promise that the buyer is legally able to buy and use R12.

Look at the bottom of this ad! :slight_smile:

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