Dumb question: washing clothes in fast orange

clothes are greasy/grimy. hands are too. fast orange works great on hands.

anybody wash clothes in fast orange (or something like it)? I imagine it would take too much fast orange to be effective - so probably a need very high fast-orange to water ratio, i.e. 10 times more fast orange volume than is normally used of simple laundry detergent.

otherwise, I imagine it should be OK in the septic as long as the pumice versions are not used.

Are you serious?

I turn wrenches for a living, and I sometimes wash my clothes at home, in my he washer

I use tide he and it works for me

My advice is keep it simple

I can’t answer your question about Fast Orange but with some greasy clothing items I’ve often added a squirt of Dawn dishwashing detergent to go along with the laundry detergent. If there’s a particularly nasty area or stubborn spot rub some Dawn into it by hand and allow it to sit for 10 minutes before turning the water on in the washing machine.

Dawn works great on greasy hands also. The one area where it struggles though is with power steering fluid grime.

There is a non-foaming product called Goo Gone which works well on greasy stains and is available in hardware stores. I have used it many times on laundry. On my hands, I prefer dishwashing liquid like Dawn: straight, no water.

I have used D&L and GoJo waterless hand cleaners as a pre-wash spot remover. Rub it in on the greasy spots right after you remove your clothes. Wash as usual. It works great. It even works on white button down shirts with a grease spot.

I’ve used Simple Green for the grimiest of clothes. Never thought of Fast Orange. It doesn’t seem to do well if diluted. I generally use Fast Orange on dry hands and use water to rinse it off, then follow up with more FO if needed, but seem to need to work harder when wet.

I think Fast Orange would be too harsh.

Any good detergent should get out any grease/oil. Dish-washing detergent on real stubborn stains is good.

I use brake parts cleaner to pre-treat oil and grease stains on my clothes.


When my grandfather owned two full service stations (before I was born), my grandmother added a cap-full per load of Lestoil to his greasy work laundry in addition to laundry soap. Modern formulations of laundry soaps probably make this obsolete.

Are Robert Gift and JuniorMint related?

Plus 2 for Simple Green. My wife would never allow greasy clothes in the washer, but a pre-soak with a solution of Simple Green, I think would mean you could wash them normally.

I would be curious as to what the grit in Fast Orange would do to the washing machine’s pump over time.

@Bing, I think your wife should relax. (I know, MYOB).

I have used all sorts of things depending on what I have handy, and that includes hand cleaners. I usually have the white cream-based stuff of whatever brand. A little on a toothbrush and scrub a little works well. Simple Green works well. Normal laundry spot removers are ok. Mostly I don’t even care much. I have some clothes that are just dedicated to dirty work.

I rule the garage and she rules the laundry room. Besides its a mess trying to clean the drum again after a bad load.

I alwasys use gojo in my washer when washing my greasy work-on-the-car clothes along with the regular detergent and it works great. Works for a lot of other types of stains as well. Be sure and use the “smooth” stuff, don’t use the type with the abrasive “scrubbing particles” as the grit will indeed wear out the washer’s water pump faster. Doesn’t take much. I usually use about the equivalent of 1-1/2 tablespoons.

@Bing, sounds like a good rule to me. At least you each get your domain. I actually always save a greasy pile and warn the wife when I’m doing a “grease” load. She’s ok with that, but I guess I just haven’t made too much of a mess yet.

From my minimal experience with grease on laundry (mostly from having to change light bulbs above cook stations) a little Tide or other liquid laundry soap works in a pinch. Washed a white dress shirt as soon as possible after getting the grease on it and it came out like new with just a little tide and a hand wash to start. Simple Green and similar products probably work just fine too. When i bought my front loader i was warned to be careful what products I use.

The most effective way to wash greasy clothing is to soak it in a bucket of water with laundry detergent for about 10 minutes before washing. Using products that aren’t made for washing clothing won’t do a better job. There are instructions that come with your washing machine and on the container of some laundry detergents.

Like I’ve read here many times before, the best thing you can do is read the owners manual… : )

Why risk messing up your home washing machine? Coin-op laundrymats have industrial machines that are meant to take abuse that would kill your puny home machine. I used to take a load of work clothes to the laundymat and do the entire load at once in the big machines. The few times I did, there was some other guy there doing his shop clothes too.

I caught the wife stuffing these huge blankets and comforters in our home machine. Whatchadoin’? It’s no slouch but these are too much for it. It’s not going to circulate and likely to just rub a hole in that big comforter. Let’s go to where the big machines are and spend $1.75…

That’s why I use brake parts cleaner. It removes the grease and oil from the fabric then dries very quickly. That way you can’t mess up the washer.