DSG 7 speed dry clutch transmission

Do I need to change DSG 7 speed dry clutch transmission oil on 2015 seat Leon 1.4 tsi for?
Factory says that no( it has lifetime ) . But I wanted to know your opinion? Maybe someone gonna clear my mind up. I want to change but iam not sure.

I would leave it alone.If you replace it and something goes wrong,the carmaker warranty will not cover it.

A 2015 car is likely out of warranty… so don’t worry.

Yes, I would change it. It can’t hurt anything if it is done correctly.

I don’t beleive in “lifetime” fluids!


Just make sure you use the exactly correct fluid.

Since this is basically a US forum not many will know what your driveline warranty is. What ever country you are in . It might be best to have your local dealer do this that way it will be recorded and you will get the correct fluids.

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Read this article. The mechanical assembly is separate from the hydraulics that control it. If you notice slippage, it is going to be in either odd or even gears, and changing the transmission fluid won’t help it. If you still want to change the transmission fluid, go ahead. Just know that it won’t clear out particles generated in the gearbox.