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2017 Dodge Grand Caravan - where’s the trans fluid?

no transmission fluid in sealed trans.Where did it go. Van will not go in gear

Unless you have logged a lot of miles since purchasing the vehicle, it should still be covered by the Powertrain Warranty. If that warranty is still in effect, you don’t need to know how the fluid leaked out. Simply have it towed to the dealership for free repairs.

If the Powertrain Warranty has expired, have it towed to an independent transmission shop, NOT to a chain-run place like Lee Myles, Cottman, Mr. Transmission, or AAMCO.


The transmission case is sealed…but it still has an external trans cooler and cooling lines…plus a torque converter.

Do what VDCdriver says. Great advice.

I would imagine that cooler lines would not be covered by powertrain warranty, so if base warranty is gone, I would be careful about additional expenses it may generate

Yes they are. Unless they were hit by a rock or something damaged them. But if a seal broke…then yes they’re covered.

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Warranty is 7 yr/70k to original owner or if transferred at time of purchase, otherwise 3 yr/36k. However, I’d be curious to know how the OP knows there’s no fluid in a sealed transmission.

The transmission has a dipstick tube and no dipstick, but you can buy one.

How are you checking the fluid level?

Yes, that point was a puzzlement for me also.

So the statement should be “no fluid on the dipstick” rather than “no fluid in the transmission.” Still bad but it makes a bit more sense.

Several unanswered questions but if the transmission has been operated for a short period of time to the point where it won’t move then it has likely suffered damage to some extent. An automatic can be ruined in minutes; not hours or days.

IF there are no obvious leaks then one has to wonder whether or not the transmission has been serviced at some point and someone made a mistake in adding fluid.

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