DS3 crossback e-tense charging door broken


I have DS3 crossback e-tense 2021.

When I just connecting charger, is’s broken with crackling sound like first picture.

Is it normal?

Because my car has driven just 8,000km!

How is it broken by human power?

Moreover that part cost over $2,000.
Is it reasonable?

I will never buy PSA group car!

Looks like someone tried to drive the car while the cord was still plugged in.

Human power can break almost anything if not used correctly .

Normal ? No.

2000.00 for the part probably because something like that is not common and hardly ever breaks under normal use.

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If you look next picture, you know the parts looks like very easily breakable.

I don’t know Why PSA group made like this.

I think it is design error.

From the picture it appears that the mounting plate for the charge connector has cracked.

If this vehicle or part is not covered by a warranty then use the mounting plate as a template and make a replacement from stainless steel.