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Drove through flood water, car won’t start

So I drove through flood water and my car was driving fine after until I stalled it in a car park and it wouldn’t turn back on. We bump started it and I drove it home, no warning lights on car was driving perfect. Tried it again today wouldn’t start, used jump leads and it was fine. Car is a 2010 seat Leon. Any ideas as to why it won’t start by itself?

Do all the lights operate? Are they bright?

You say it started when jumped. Did it start on the last attempt to jump it off?

if there is no mechanical issues like a bent rod, since motor runs, than i would say something got wet in the starter circuit. what is alt voltage when motor is idling?

Lights were normal brightness, it did start when we last jumped it today (drove through flood yesterday).

Don’t have a voltmeter in the house to check alt voltage when idling bug will get to mechanic tomorrow who will hopefully be able to check that out

Update; car fixed when we got a new battery. Just a coincidence it happened the same time as the flood

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Hooray for @hannahshawkesh_163130. Thanks for the post. It will be posted at the Library of Congress for future reference.

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Willing to bet you may have flooded your battery If you jump starts and stays running i say battery. But NEVER Drive through Flood waters cars are not boats couple inches yeah who hasn’t but also if you hit that fast enough and you have water going over your hood you are going to kill that engine quick.

Dizzy , the Op posted they purchased a new battery and problem solved.

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