Drove through a puddle of gas

My wife was on her way to work when a truck a little ways in front of her on the highway spilled its load of gasoline. She drove through the resulting puddle (aghhhh) and it splashed up over the vehicle. What damage to the paint and other parts can be expected and what can we do to minimize future damage? I washed the body and underside of the car as soon as she arrived home from work. Thanks!

Since you had the presence of mind to give your car a quick wash, I would expect no further problems. All materials used for a car’s components and its exterior, as well as the finish, are resistant to gasoline and oil (for obvious reasons). Think no more about this mishap.

As long as it did not ignite, you’re good. Time to thank what ever you refer to as god. If there was wax on the finish you might want to redo it.