Driving with driveshaft (I think) unattached on one end?

Hi! I have a Chevy Express 1500 conversion van. A few weeks ago it started rattling when I went over bumps somewhere toward the back. It was driving fine otherwise. Didnt see anything. Thought is was from the exhaust (we had a blown tire take out the tailpipe a few months ago and it had been hitting the wheelwheel but it had been fixed) Today after a while driving it started rattling and I was sometimes hearing a scratching sound when driving sounded like something dragging on the ground. When I arrived at the store I took a look and

saw this. The bar is still attached at the rear of the car and is unattached in the middle. Crawled under and not sure what it is supposed to be attached to. I’m guessing its been bouncing around since i first started hearing the sound and today it fell down completely. I bungeed it up off the ground to drive it home since it still is driving fine. Looking it up it looks like the driveshaft but I read it wouldnt drive if that was broken but it drives fine so? Hubby just had surgery so he wont be able to look at it rright now. I read it goes into a ujoint but I dont see that so did that whole part just fall off? Since its driving fine Is it ok for a week or 2 before it gets looked at? Thanks!

That’s a rear shock absorber with a broken upper mount.


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I wouldn’t drive it this way. The shock could drop further, catch on something and cause a lot more damage. Just have both of the rear shocks replaced.

And, although the OP believes that the vehicle is “driving fine”, in reality, its handling/roadholding is compromised by the disconnected shock absorber.
And–yes–shocks should be replaced in pairs.


Thanks so much guys, really wasnt sure what I was looking at. Like I said just need like a week before hubby can get under there. Its def not going to drop as I bungeed it up before I drove it home. I will take it easy and only go somewhere if necessary in the meantime.