Driving Too Fast on Small island of Islesford Maine

Can you help me locate which show had the Listener from Isleford, ME (Little Cranbury Island?) driving too fast on small Island! I believe answer was sabotage (i.e., mis-adjust timing etc.) I believe it was Feb. 2014 between shows #1405 to 1409??? I looked for it the Saturday I heard it, but the “this week’s Show” was the previous week! Alas, I don’t know when you start “This Week”, obviously not Sat. when your show airs on WNPR FM 91.1 (7 AM older show, I call last weeks show and 10 AM I call this week’s show … but I don’t know what you call it??) I looked in archives but did not find the level of detail offered for “This Week’s Show”. The brief summary was insufficient to id show.
My extended family vacations there every summer and I want to share callers info with them either printed or audio.

I think the show you are looking for is #1408: Old Moses Blew Beets. It aired at the end of February.