Driving short distance, slow with parking brake on

What damage is done if one drives a short distance at slow speed with the parking brake on?

Usually, no damage…The rear brakes might have gotten a little hot, but they are designed to get hot so unless you saw them smoking, drive on…Please define “short distance”…

Short distance, I mean out of my driveway backwards, turn around out on street and back into my driveway. About 50 ft at the most! About 5 to 10 mph.

No damage, other than a very slight amount of wear on the rear brakes.

I agree with the others that likely was little to no damage. However I have to wonder. If you are able to drive the car with the parking brake on, there is something wrong. Likely you are just not using enough energy when setting the brake. If you are setting the parking brake with enough energy for it to do it’s job, it should have been very obvious that something was wrong when you tried to drive away.

You might want to consider if you should not use more strength when setting the parking brake or have the parking brake checked out.

I thank all of you for your time and consideration!