Putting car into drive or reverse with paring brake engaged

I am a new driver and I made the following mistake twice.

Twice over the last month, after street parallel parking, engaging the foot parking brake, turning off and exiting the car, I noticed the spacing from the front and back car is a bit off so I went back inside the car to move the car slightly.

However, I forgot to disengage the parking brake first, so I put the car into R, and when the car did not move, I tapped on the accelerator. Only then did I remember to disengage the parking brake.

If I just tapped on the accelerator slightly, does it damage my car? I haven’t noticed any problems yet, but I feel terrible about the screw ups.

“If I just tapped on the accelerator slightly, does it damage my car?”


The worst thing to do is to drive down the road with the parking brake on.

Are you parking in fairly level areas?
What is the car’s make, model, and model-year.

no harm done.
just don’t drive with park brake engaged

I agree. Absolutely no harm done.

2015 Honda CRV. The ground is a slight incline. I think I would be ok even without the parking brake but I feel better if I use it.

The parking brake is best and a good habit to have. And you still have not told us if your DMV problem that you asked about has been solved.

Nope, cars have to be made to take a lot of abuse. What you describe is nothing.

Agree with all, nor harm at all. If that is the extent of fails you are dong great. Now ask us about some major fails, remembering getting out of a back seat of a friends car, grabbing the pillar, to get out, budette shut the front door, there I was hand stuck in the door watching my fingers turn blue through the passenger window while attempting to get the doors unlocked. No broken bones, just black and blue marks luckily.

Normally wouldn’t worry about it. I’ve done this several times and our car has over 120K with no obvious problems to the engine, brake, or drivetrain. When on a hill I also engage te parking brake and rev the engine slightly before releasing the brake, to keep from rolling downhill. Modern automotive materials are quite good, thanks to our automotive engineers.

No worry.

If the car didn’t move, no damage was done.

Although it is a good habit to use the park brake, even on level ground.

VOLVO V70, yes the DMV situation seems fine. I contacted Geico, and the rep said it’s ok. Thanks for asking.

Years ago, our neighbors had a 1942 Dodge. The parking brake in Chrysler products in those days clamped around the driveshaft. Our neighbor drove with the parking brake on and actually had a fire under the car. Fortunately, the only damage was to the lining for the parking brake. I bought a 1948 Dodge from an elderly woman who had given up driving. She never drove very far. When I got the car home, smoke was rolling out from under the car—the parking brake was stuck on. I used Liquid Wrench to free up the mechanism, but no harm was done.