Driving acura mdx on sand

Can the acura mdx (2005 model) be driven on sand using the VTM-4 Lock and assuming pressure in tires has been dropped to approx. 12-15 psi?

Your Owner’s Manual should cover the topic of driving on sand, and which AWD and/or traction control setting should be used for that type of driving.

Unless you have the ability to reinflate the tires before driving on roads, I would advise against reducing the tire pressure.

You should only use the lock if you get stuck or are in imminent danger of becoming stuck.

Locking the center differential in most AWD cars is a worthwhile feature and SHOULD be used in those difficult conditions to ALLOW wheels spin if it also disables the traction control.
BTW, ON sand no help; IN deep sand yes. As long as wheels are allowed to slip, no problem. I wouldn’t drop tire pressure that much…it’s not a dune buggy.
How would you like to hit a hidden rock with those expensive alloys ?