AWD on the beach

I just took delivery of a 2009 Dodge Journey R/T with AWD. I want to know if it can be driven on the beach with the tire pressures reduced, and what to do about the traction control?

Not all beaches are alike. Some have hard-packed sand, others have fluffy surfaces. See if there are other vehicles on the beach; if so, your Journey will do all right. As for the traction control, read your owner’s manual for the best way to use it.

The worst that happens is you get stuck and a good sumaritan yanks you out. Use common sense and it will be fine.

Not sure of the AWD in your vehicle. But growing up my parents AMC Eagle(used jeep system) and Subaru’s never got stuck in the sandy beaches near rivers where our beaches were in White Mountains.

The worst that can happen is that you get a $125 towing bill to go 30 feet, like my brother did.

The worst that can happen is the tide comes in and the car floats out to sea.

Actually I would say that the worst that can happen is you get out onto the beach and realize you were so worried about the car that you forgot the beer and fishing gear.

Or get seen in a Dodge Journey by a group of hot females and wish you bought that Ford Mustang convertible instead…oops!

Just kidding around, I kinda like the Journey.

(but really…love the new Ford Mustang!)

Be careful of sleeping people on the beach. Unless you have a skid plate they can really tear up an engine or transmission.

Thanks, I am sure it will go ok, just not sure about the clearance and if I should use the traction control or not. Unfortunately I looked in the owners manual and it doesn’t say much about driving in the sand and using the traction control. Hope I don’t get stuck!!!

Well the best part is the Journey has two built in coolers in the floor to keep all my favorite beverages cold.

if an eagle can go I’m sure my journey will be ok. Thanks