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Driving a green car certainly has its "privileges"

I dropped off a book at my local library this morning, after running some errands

Anyways, this library has a parking spot, which is reserved for EVs and plug-in hybrids. Apparently, they can stay there as long as the parking lot is open, and can plug in for free. Theoretically, you could park there when the library opens up in the morning, and only have to leave when the parking lot is closed in the evening

I noticed a POS person parked there. He had his Prius plugged in, and he was sitting in the car, stuffing his ugly face. He was guzzling a super big gulp and downing some kind of greasy burger and fries, I believe. He burped, tossed the cup out the window, and then he tossed the food wrappers out the window. Then he wiped his hands on the napkins, and he also tossed these out the window. Afterwards, he resumed reading his newspaper. And when he was done, he also just tossed it out the window

But it was okay, because he’s supposed to park there . . . and park his trash there, also

Ah, gotta love California.

That slob was some kind of hypocrite

Drives a “green” car

Yet he’s literally polluting the environment with his garbage


It was Mom’s car. She sent to the lot to get the car charged.

I’ll bet he had a straw hat on too. I think you should have to plug your credit card in to those things to use them.

That kind of blatant disregard would have compelled me to phone 911. Assuming the library was a public library, the property was public, and in NH there are substantial fines for littering on public property. That slob deserved to get cited.

I suspect his behavior didn’t have much to do with the car he was driving.

I wonder if that guy is a “Save The Earth” type of person around his circle of friends, co-workers, and so on.

This made me think of the woman around here about 10 years ago who drove around in an early 90s Subaru beater that smoked like a prairie fire out the exhaust pipe. The entire back of that car was covered along with a heavy layer of dirt in Greenpeace, Save The Whales, Plant A Tree, and Stop Global Warming stickers along with a few others supporting the legalization of weed.

No idea what her oil consumption rate was but based on the blue cloud following her my guess was a quart per 50 miles…

1% of any group of people are idiots. This includes hybrid drivers.

@texases - Only 1%? You’re too generous.

“I wonder if that guy is a “Save The Earth” type of person around his circle of friends, co-workers, and so on.”


I grew up in the northern 'burbs of Pittsburgh. Nice, rural area, they even had a huge county park there.

Then…they put in an interstate (I-279) that halved travel time. Within a few years, all the rural landowners had “cashed in their chips” and suburbia sprung from the woods.

Now, when I drive through there looking for scrap…there are PRII parked in driveways that were woodlands were a decade or two ago! I might not meet current definitions of an “environmentalist,” but I’d NEVER live in house where the land was cleared for my arrival.

Environmentalism (as currently practiced) is laughably bourgeois, and seems to be mostly a means for the upper-middle class to atone for some ill-defined sense of guilt. Ironically, it seems to be centered around buying lots of crap! (WWAGD?..LOL)

I have had people throw things out the window when riding with me. I have actually stopped and made them pick up a piece of trash before I would continue. not the same one they threw out, but just as good…

MJ,back in the day the housesites were put on the worst land,5 acres of John Deere forage seems kind of hypocritical to me and the trend around here is to reforest good stabilized grazing land with pretty useless tree species(not an apple tree,chestnut,pear, peach or hazelnut in the mix)I asked my rich yuppie Ivy League neighbor why and He didnt have no good reason for ruining all the pasture land,I’m afraid we are going to get pretty hungry one of these days-Kevin

We will have the long term satisfaction of knowing that his fat a$$ is completely biodegradable even though the trash he throws out isn’t. In all likely hood his fatty lined arteries will put into effect sometime soon, the realization that being a fat slob has it’s disadvantages. My wife, the mild mannered one in the family gets hysterical when she runs into trash throwers… Wish she were there to watch it. She would have given you a show you would have enjoyed. By the time she finished with him, he probably would have parked somewhere else as long as his mini me brain could remember the tirade.

@dagosa I would think the food packaging is biodegradable, but a litterbug is s nuisance, Is caning allowed in your country? Not yet in mine, but give the police canes instead of guns, is it a possibility? I am like you idiot, whap whap whap, do not do that again.



It took me a while to figure that one out but I presume AG= Al Gore.

He would probably commute from his huge suburban mansion to the airfield where his personal business jet is hangared using a Prius.

AG did just that not many years ago here in OK. Private jet in, small armada of SUVs to a crowd at the University of Oklahoma where he presented his traveling slide show about conserving fossil fuel and global warming, had dinner with the OU power brokers, and pocketed something like 200 grand before cutting town in his jet to repeat the process on the next tour stop…

I had to google that one but came up with ariana grande. I don’t know who that is but assume he’s similar to Al Gore. My house was a corn field though and I immediately started planting trees to do my part. Like I said with my appliance rant, maybe its not so green to build stuff to save operating energy but wears out twice as fast because of it, so you have to manufacture twice as many as before.

I had the pleasure of watching the occupant of a brand new Mazda 626 pull away from the drive through window at a McDonalds and stop in the freshly paved parking lot and load the coffee up and crack the window and toss the the creamer containers and coffee paraphenilia right on the tarmac in broad daylight-Kevin(talk about a slob)

The only productive and unhypocritical thing I’ve ever seen Al Gore do is to prove beyond a doubt that the Nobel Peace Prize Committee is a purely political organization.