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Drivetrain noise - automatic forester

Hello forum

I have a 04 forester XT with ej205 and 4eat automatic.

Here are my symptoms. I uploaded this video as well of the noise
(On jack stands, FWD fuse in, rear wheels on ground, in drive)

I have noises similar to this too.

That noise seems to be a bit better since adding more ATF. It is a little low on trans dipstick but I only drove it for about 5 minutes before checking though.

What I do know

  • noise doesn’t change from side to side (wheel bearing)
  • new rotors (happened before this)
  • new brakes (happened before this)
  • new rear wheel bearing (right side)
  • new front wheel bearing (left side)
  • sounds somewhat related to engine speed
  • new timing belt/tensioners

I also get bind when turning tightly on both sides. Drivetrain grind/rubbing also only seems to be apparent above 40km and on throttle/in gear. If noise is evident and I put it into neutral, it goes away.

Any help is appreciated. I want to get this figured ASAP before something majorly goes wrong

If the noise goes away when coasting in neutral but stays the same when coasting at the same speed in D, that seems more like some sort of internal transmission problem. The binding problem could be related to the same thing, or it might be in the awd’s viscous coupler. All your tires are the same size right, and same amount of wear? Transmission fluid looks to be in good condition and the correct level?

All tire wear seems the same. Trans fluid is nice red colour.