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Saburu Forseter 2005 AWD noise on turns

My Forester makes a tire slipping sound when turning. Sounds like a 4-wheel drive truck with the hubs engaged. No problems with the CV boots. Just changed the rear differential oil. Anyone with a similar problem?

Manual or automatic transmission? How many miles on the vehicle?

Are all four tires the same brand, size, and amount of wear?

The car is an automatic with only 32,000 miles. The tires are about a year old (all rotated every 5,000 miles) with about 15,00 miles on them and about .25 inch depth left (depth is similar on all tires). I measured the circumference of all four tires today. They were all similar. No noticeable play in the front end.

I would visit your locale Subaru dealer. You are on the fringe of the 5yr/60k powertrain warranty. Have them assess. You likely will get goodwill on a car this young if just out of warranty. Sounds like you have done everything right.