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Driver's door of Toyota Corolla 09

We just bought a 2009 Toyota corolla and noticed that the driver’s door makes a popping noise when opened. It makes this noise when we pull the handle and the sounds seems to come from the latching mechanism. This is the only door that makes this noise and having owned many other toyotas, this is the first one that has made this noise. It’s not very loud but you can hear it.

We took it to the dealeship (since it’s a new car) and they did something to it (adjusted the latch they said) and it stopped for about a week. We took it again and they now say that there is nothing wrong with it and that driver’s doors tend to be heavier and that’s why it would make this noise. Does this sound like a valid explanation? Any ideas as of what could be wrong? Could this have any future consequences?

It sounds like the striker is adjusted so that it holds the door to tightly closed,ask them if this could be a possibility.

Drivers door heavier? Wonder where they got that from?

Oldschool has it right. Perhaps the striker has shifted back to its original position again.

Body damage. Needs a look at by a body expert. The damage could be extensive. You really want it found out sooner rather than next year.