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Driverless cars in China

Driverless cars in China

I don’t get the humor.

I’m hoping it’s a joke about communism, but it’s hard to tell.

IMHO, this is somewhat obtuse.

It’s not humor; it’s commentary.

The Chinese Communist Party held its quinquennial meeting recently. They reëlected Xi Jinping general secretary and added his ‘thought’ to the Party’s constitution. It was universally interpreted as homage to his dominance of the Party (thus China’s governance). It alludes to his apotheosis as ‘The Great Pilot’ and a Chinese push to develop driverless cars.

For the Car Talk Community it has the perhaps-unanticipated (by Chappatte) suggestion that driverless cars aren’t really driverless but government-driven.

It’s about totalitarianism, not Communism.