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Driver Education

… in the modern era…


The book might say 10 and 2 but I found out the hard way that is not a good idea. I was T boned on the passenger side and my left elbow hit the door hard enough t break my wrist on that hand.

When I was allowed to drive Sheriff Patrol cars on a closed course we were told, due to airbags, it is best to use 3 and 9 to reduce the possibility of your arms being broken or smashed into your face.

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3 and 9 also gives you a bit more steering before tou need to move your hands. Even better if 4 and 8 and that also gets your arms farther out from the airbags.

I can’t seem to break my 3 and 9 habit though.

I feel like I have better control at 3/9 than 4/8.

Apparently so do I.