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Drive vs Drive2

2001 Taurus 6cyl. Is there a significant difference in performance or gas mileage between Drive and Drive2?

See owners manual. D2, I think, starts the car moving in 2nd gear instead of 1st. Supposed to reduce tire slippage on snow and ice when first getting going. Negligible effect on MPG.


Yes, as the OP can verify by reading his Owner’s Manual.

Yes, it is very useful for that purpose.

However, the car will accelerate more slowly.

By “Drive2”, do you mean Overdrive? If so, the explanation in your owner’s manual answers your question, so what information do you need beyond that?

I’m thinking of buying it. I don’t have access to an owner’s manual.

No excuses, everything is available on the web.

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Gee, thx for your help

No, Drive2 is the shift position if one wants to start-up in second gear, for slippery surfaces starts. Although I think that every manufacturer should offer this feature, not many have it.

I thought you already had a 2001 Taurus ?

For years Ford used a “D2” for starting out in 2nd gear for use in slippery conditions. But that is not what’s available on the 2001 Ford Taurus.

According to Ford’s owner’s manual for that vehicle, from the link above, there are two “D” positions.

  • The first “D”, next to neutral supports overdrive.
  • The next “D” does not use overdrive. It’s meant to reduce the needless seeking between 3rd gear and overdrive. And it provides more engine braking on downgrades.
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Here’s what it looks like, no “D2”:


Just put it in dumb and go. Your thinking about it too much.

Our 61 Mercury had the D1 and D2. The dealer tried to explain it and not sure if it was a sender or receiver problem, but I always thought D2 was like an overdrive. I never could tell much difference in the two and the dealer said drive in either one, didn’t matter. Starting in second gear I guess would make more sense but can’t really see going to all that effort to provide a way to start in 2nd. Maybe but I know Ford had overdrive in their manual transmissions as early as 1954 so just figured they found a way to put it in the automatics. Of course I was a little young to drive it much.