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Drive through car wash

Can you do damage to your car or the car wash if you drive through the conveyor belt while the car is in DRIVE? I thought my prius was in NEUTRAL but it wasn’t. I later learned that you have to hold the lever in NEUTRAL for a few seconds in order for the car to go into NEUTRAL. So I drove through in DRIVE.

I doubt it on one occurance. We do set at many stop lights and stop signs in drive.

So it’s this persons opinion that no harm. Do you have any noticeable changes in the cars shifting? If not, happy motoring.

Always pays to read our operators manual. Personally I prefer the robotic type car washes.

Unless you encountered some sort of problem during the trip through the car wash, you have nothing to worry about. Next time, however, make sure the car is in neutral.

WHEW! Thanks for your replies

If the car is in drive, it is possible that it might move and hop over the rollers on the conveyor that moves the car. If it hops the roller, it might get out of the track. Then you could expect some damage. You didn’t experience this so everything is fine.