2019 Volkswagen Tiguan - Car wash question

How to exit car wash if in neutral

Do you have the vehicle in neutral because it’s sitting still or being pulled through the car wash? Surely when the wash is finished you can put the vehicle in gear and exit, right?

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Get out and push the vehicle out or put it in gear and drive out like a normal person.


Start the engine, step on the brake pedal, shift the transmission from neutral into drive, and drive off.



As soon as the drying mechanism has ceased its function, put your car in gear, and drive away. If you don’t do that, you could wind-up having your car impacted by the car immediately behind yours


OK, I’ll bite. Why do you want to exit the car wash in neutral?

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Perhaps this car is like my wife’s BMW, where you can’t shift from N to D without applying the brake. She just applies the brake and shifts very quickly. I’m sure this scares the driver of the car behind her a bit, but she has no choice.