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Drive Side Dent on Wheel Arch

Hey guys, first post here (apologies if it needs to be in a different sub-forum). I recently dented the DS wheel arch and was wondering if anyone had any suggestions on getting it out myself?

Thanks in advance.

Home repairs of dents almost never look good. You’d have to basically train yourself to do the work the same way a body shop worker would if you want it to look any better than it does now.

Having said that, this might be something you can teach yourself. Try watching some YouTube videos about amateur body repair, and maybe see if you can find a book at the library.

My advice is that, if you want to keep the car looking nice, bite the bullet and hire someone. File an insurance claim if you have the coverage; that’s what it’s for.

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Plus, the bumper cover appears to be out of alignment, it may have plastic clips that broke.
Just get some estimates, it just might be less than your deductible.

Have you looked for a same-color fender from an auto recycler? I found one nearby for my 1999 Honda last year. You can also buy new on line.

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Give a paintless dent repair a call, See what they say!


Can your hand reach that area with the hood open?

I haven’t tried reaching it through the bonnet but I can just about get my hand through the plastic lining under the arch, what are you thinking?

How perfect of a repair are you expecting? I would just push it out with my hand as best I could. It looks mostly like a dish dent and those can pop back out pretty easily. When it’s creased, it requires more work and finesse. The best access would be to remove the tire and inner fender liner. Then you could use a tool on the backside and a buck on the painted side to re-form the fender. The “hammer” side needs to be a slightly curved tool that isn’t going to make an impact dent like a hammer head would. The buck needs to conform to the shape of the impact tool and not scratch the paint. Applying some blue painters tape will help as you form the fender back into shape. But try pressing it back out with your hand first and see if that’s acceptable…