Drive now Talk later, the other half

I agree with the campaign against talking on a cell phone while driving, but it struck me that when a driver is on a cell phone, there is someone on the other end of that conversation.

Maybe the campaign against distracted drivers should include those who are distracting the driver. If you are talking to someone who you know is driving, you should end the conversation.

When ever I call someone on their cell phone, unless I know where the person is (like at work), my first question is “are you driving”? If they say yes, then I ask them to call me back later and end the conversation.

I do the same thing. I don’t talk to people while they drive, whether I am on the phone or in the car.

I agree, though often I don’t even think to ask. It’s a good thought to put into all of our heads.

I too agree that it’s a good suggestion.

very good idea.

I’m usually playing music loud enough for me to not be able to hear my phone ring, and even then I might hear it, but as something that could be part of the music.
If I have to make a call, I usually do it somewhere where I don’t have to be on the road to do so. Now, I might make a call and ask directions if I don’t know where I’m going, but that’s very rare.