2004 Corolla Drive Belts



When I took my 2004 Corolla in for regular maintenance around 30,000 miles, the mechanic told me that the drive belts were cracked and needed replacement (he also told me the cost of this, which I think was $110 or so.) I declined to do it at that point to do some warranty research. I found out that the drive belts are not even supposed to be checked before 60,000 miles (which is like Toyota swearing that they will last at least as long, right?) Yet, I called Toyota and found out that the warranty only covers them for the first 3 yrs/30,000 miles. My car is now 4-yrs old and has 36,000 miles on it, so the warranty doesn’t cover it. Is my Toyota-certified mechanic bluffing? Could the drive belts possibly need replacement at my mileage? Any second opinion? Thanks!


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