Drive belt

squealing noise on start up, and turning

Too much brevity is your worst enemy on this forum. Details, please!

drive belt is loose, model has auto tension, though that might be trashed. go with new belt ?

If the automatic belt tensioner is not applying sufficient force to keep the belt tight, it needs to be replaced along with the belt. Be careful if you are going to remove that tensioner yourself as they are under heavy spring tension and can fly apart with great force if the outer casing is broken.

Another, somewhat remote, possibility is that the belt is incorrectly routed. This can lead to excessive length of the belt and insufficient tension. This is possible on some models, though I’m not sure if your specific Corolla is one of them.

Those 1972 Corollas are known for needing a tensioner right about now. They just seem to max out at 40 years. The belt is probably fine though, because the manual for the 1972 Corolla said you never have to change the belt. Except, I don’t think they anticipated anyone getting the car quite to the mileage yours has on it. So your mileage makes that suspect

Get a Goodyear Gatorback belt.

Thanks Cig. I need a good laugh every day.

To the OP: man, you have to give us something to work with here. We need to know the year and mileage as well as how well the car has been maintained and any other symptoms or relevant facts. Such as, is this happening only when turning? Have you lifted the hood, had a friend turn the wheel, and tried listening for the source? Has the belt been changed on schedule? Have you checked your power steeringf fluid level?

Like TSMB said, first, check your power steerig fluid - is it at the full mark?


1 > belt age and condition.
2 > tensioner spring load condition.
3 >all the pulleys and accessories for binding.

It may be a simple as a new belt.
But if you go to the parts store with all of your non-existant information you won’t be able to buy anything with out them needing to babysit you to extract the neccessary data.