Dream car for my first car?

I’ll come right out and admit I don’t know much about cars. I know the makes and models I personally like, and that’s about it. So finding the perfect car has been a bit of a chore, because of that lack of knowledge. I’m in love with the classic late 60’s to mid 70’s classic cars. The impalas, corvettes, chevelles, mustangs. I’ve been trying hard to find a reasonably priced car, made recently, with low mpg and everything. Basic first car necessities. But they all look like shapeless blobs. The style is gone. There seems to be no best of both worlds. Am I blind and missing something, or are there really no practical and stylish cars out there?

Thank you in advance for all your help. :slight_smile:

Well this one gets high mpg, but you might like it anyway, 25 hwy

Low MPG? Hmmm.

I’m thinking you’d like something off beat, but big and safe with fairly decent fuel consumption and handling. How about an ex-cop Crown Victoria? CrownVic Police Interceptor= CVPI. There is a whole website devited to them. They have all had very rigorous maintenance. They have to in order to be able to respond to whatever life throws at them. They are usually quite cheap compared to those “regular” Crown Vics.

Now before everyone starts to poo pooh this idea, consider that cab companies snap up used CVPIs to use on the streets for another 100K miles or so. They are usually NOT worn out.

Look for local online auctions that specialize in selling government owned properties. There is a CVPI out there with your name on it. (And not for a ride in the back seat.)

I love the crossfire, but that’s a tiny bit out of my price range. I’m looking for something under 8-10,000. the CV is actually a great idea, but it’s lacking that style I’m looking for. It’s hard to find a nice four door that’s still sleek stylish nowadays. Think… 66 Chevelle or 67 Impala for the style. Anything four door and… decent mpg will do, as long as it’s made in the last 15 years or so. I know those two requirements clash so much haha, you can see my problem!

Some of the classic cars should be getting close to being able to be classified as antiques, I do believe. Isn’t it after 50 years it can be labeled an antique?

A Crossfire…as a first car? If you could get one for $5000, the rest of your budget would pay for the insurance for a year or two, at best.

As a former owner of a classic car(65 Chevelle) I can attest to how good they look. I loved the look, the sound of the exhaust, the comfort of the seats. But the thing was a dog in terms of performance; my Civic was quicker than it was.
People say “They don’t make 'em like they used to.” and to that I say “Thank God for that.” “You can work on those cars. oday’s ars you can’t even get into.” "Cars back then NEEDED be worked on to keep them running right."
I enjoy knowing my steering column will collapse and spit out an airbag in my face during a wreck. I enjoy the shoulder belt that’ll keep me nice and snug against the seat and the head restraint that’ll prevent me from getting whiplash.
The crumple zones that’ll keep the engine from being smashed into my shins.
The fact that I won’t have to change the spark plugs every 10~12k miles.
The reservoir that holds my antifreeze and prevents it from dripping onto the ground. The Chevelle didn’t have a place to hold the antifreeze, just a little tube that ran down te radiator and let the stuff drip onto the ground; you had to fill the radiator directly to get antifreeze in there.
The traction control that helps keep me on the road or makes sure I stop well enough in snow to prevents me rear ending someone.
The fact that I don’t have to adjust the carb to keep the air/fuel mixture just right to keep it running smooth.
Nope, a classic car is good for a hobby, not a daily driver.

Also, this is your first car, if you’re worried about flash and style, get over yourself. Get a practical car first THEN worry about the rest later. If you worry about the image you’re project to others, you’ll constantly be “keeping up with the Jones’” as it were; You buy a nice car and a few months later the neighbors, or one of your buddies, buys a nice® car, so you want to get a new car to show off to them again. Buy some nice clothes or something if you’re worried about style.

If you think a 66 Chevelle was stylish, (it was just a three box body on wheels) then a 2006 Malibu should be just the car for you. It has very similar styling. The company I retired from had two of them with the 4 cylinder engines. They had adequate power, one got me 34 mpg on road trips, the other 32 mpg. That measured, not going by the computer readout, which was higher by 2 mpg in each case and this was over several long trips in each.

A 2005 Crossfire roadster in clean condition and about 90,000 miles should cost about $9500 in a private sale.

Quoting @RichardRahl " I’m looking for something under 8-10,000"

Dang, who knew the kid had money. That’s more than I’ve ever spent for a single car for personal use.

You may be able to find a Mini Cooper in your price range.