Ideas for a new (used) car?

Looking for ideas for a “new” used car - mostly thinking about vehicles I might not have thought about. Priorities are reliability and safety. And price, of course. Thinking four yrs/old, 60K is my limit on age/mileage.

In terms of "what I want’ - something with some modest cargo functionality. Budget is making me think $15K. I don’t need 4WD or AWD; would like at least some ground clearance that coupled with FWD and snow tires could get me around a few snowy days. MazdaCX5 seems to be popping to mind. Appreciate your thoughts.

CX5 would work fine. As would a CRV, or a Rav4, or something from Hyundai. There’s not really much within your budget that you wouldn’t have thought of already. Most would not think about the Dartz Prombron, but it’s a little steep for your price range. :wink:

Test drive all of 'em and see what you like the best, then have an independent mechanic do a pre purchase inspection on the one you decide on.

Had to Google Dartz . . . just a bit outside my range. I’m sure my budget will increase when reality sets in, but I just need something to and from work, and be able to throw some stuff in the back from time to time.

Dartz has really been overpriced ever since they dropped the whale-foreskin-leather seats back in 2009. Just no sense of style or luxury. :wink:

You might have a hard time finding one in FWD (unless you live in a less-snowy area than I) but if you do, you can easily get a just-off-lease Hyundai Tucson for right around your budget or maybe a grand more. Almost new car, and it’s of good quality too.

Wow, what an obscure selection! It made me google it, too. Love the Latvians, love the suggestion

+1 to @shadowfax !


Consider looking at less popular models, like Detroit 3 products. Reliability is better for all brands, and if the SUV is 3 or more years into the generation, just about anything should be reliable enough. I’ve had Jeep Cherokees a couple of times as a rental, and I like them a lot. Take a look at on line resources for reliability ratings. I have access to Consumer Reports through my public library and always check it when I’m interested in a new car. Sites like and also have reliability and depreciation estimates. At least edmunds does in their True Cost to Own. Don’t pay attention to the exact numbers, but do look at them for comparisons between cars.

Thre’s many, many choices, but if you’d settle for a front wheel drive sedan, Honda Civic, Toyota Corolla, or Mazda 3 is where I’d start looking.