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Draining Battery

I have an 03 Dodge Caravan with 45,000 miles and a battery that is a year old this month. The battery drains rapidly. Even if I use a maintenance charger now it doesn’t guarantee the car will start because recharging doesn’t get the amps up to 8. The dealer and several private mechanics cannot find the cause. All systems are working. Does anyone have any suggestions

You may have a bad battery. Sometimes it just happens, they develop an internal short.

I think the clue is 45000 miles in 10 years, if you live on the rust belt and drive that little you will have heavy corrosion at all power and ground connections. Also, no “maintenance” charger will charge at 8 amps. They would be 1 or 2 amps at most
You need your battery and charging system checked out.

This may be helpful to find the drain.

" This may be helpful to find the drain. "

What ? The photo of the dog or the tool set ?


Sorry, dang interweb, apologies.

That is an excellent article. I can only add that this is the way I check for a draw and it works for me over 90% of the time.