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Draining battery

dead battery…after few days why? had battery checked and charging system…ok

checked fuses…ok

when disconneted ground cable it will not drain battery but when it connects again you can see a spark

any more ideas on what i can check to see what is still draining the battery? please!

What’s the year/model of your Chevrolet?


its actually a 1954 ford but it has a 1974 nova drive tranny

i wish I could give credit to the person that posted this link previously!

You don’t make it easy!

Start by disconnecting the negative battery cable, and between the negative cable and the negative post on the battery connect a 12 volt test light. If the test light glows there’s parasitic voltage draw on the battery. Go to the fuse box, and pull out fuses and reinstall them one at a time until the fuse that is pulled causes the test light to go out. When the test light goes out, that’s the circuit that’s causing the voltage draw.