Drained oil. Wrong filter inside box. Wait until Walmart openSunday?

After wife returned from a long distance bloodeliveryesterday, I changed her RX350’s hot oil at 40k.
(Lexus recommends 10k-mile oil change)
Discarded her used filter in the new filter box.

After I returned from a deliveryesterday evening, I drained themergencyehicle’s hot oil. (2016 RX350 - 230k miles)
[Both Lexæ use 9972.]

In the remaining box is a different filter!!

From the trash I retrieve her filter.
With toilet paper I soaked oil from the used filter and OCD-cleaned it.
Placed inside themergencyehicle’s canister and screwed canister on.
(Oil plug off. Old oil istill dripping out.)

Unless an emergency, plan to drive wife’s RX350 in place of the older RX350?
Or add 6 qts. Mobil1 full synthetic 0W-20 to the 2016 SUV and be done with it?

Thank you.


07:18 Naturally, a hospital calls for an emergentransport for hemorrhaging patient. 39.2 miles
(Can’t use wife’s authorized emergencyehicle - lightsiren not yet installed.)

Screwed in the oil plug and quicky filled themergencyehicle with fresh oil.

From hospital A also emergento hospital B.
Arrive home and called to hospital A again.
Then 3rd time.
Then statransporto a mountaihospital.

471.3 miles when I was hoping to not drive the vehicle at all.

The oil stillooksurprisingly clean!

I would not use the used filter at all. There is NO way to clean it. In fact anything you did to try and clean it is likely to harm the filter. Drive the wife’s car until the stores open and you can buy the correct new filter.

That doesn’t work, no amount of effort will clean a used oil filter.


You should get a proper oil filter tomorrow, and complete the oil change and simply not drive (or start) the RX350 until you do so.

How many miles on that filter? I change oil every 6 months. If the mileage is only 3-4 thousand, I sometimes just leave the filter on for another 6 months. Modern cars burn so cleanly, with so much less combustion byproducts in the oil, I feel safe doing this. Oils are a lot better than they used to be, too.

Merry christmas! :christmas_tree:

That said . . . I’ve learned some hard lessons over the years

One of them being this . . . do not EVER remove the old oil filter until you have the new one in your hand and have visually verified it is the correct one

I’m not criticizing anybody here, by the way. Just trying to give some advice


That is the mechanic’s equivalent of the old carpenter’s maxim:
Measure twice, cut once


If you believe you will need the emergency vehicle today, use the old filter. Those come out clean, don’t worry about getting plugged up. Stay away from the filters with the orange plastic (Fram) that collapse.

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VS Cut it twice and it’s still too Short! Merry Christmas!


If there’s a possibility you’ll “need” the wife’s car for an “emergency blood trip” just toss in the old filter media and the oil and plan on redoing on Sunday.

The cost of the wasted oil would be maybe $30, cheap compared to the cost of guilt and actually nothing if you don’t start the car and can reuse it on your Sunday oil change.

And BTW, a word of appreciation and thanks for your efforts for others, concerns and willingness to put it into action.

The slight amount of oil in the old filter is not going to totally contaminate the new oil. In a day or two, you can replace the filter without draining the oil in the pan.


Normally I check at Walmarto see thathe filters are correct.
The one time I don’t …

So plan to drive wife’s RX350. But can’t.

Had this happen on m last oil change on the Silverado. I just put the old filter back on and filled the crankcase with fresh oil. When I had a chance to get back to the store, I got a fresh new filter, the right one, replace the filter and topped off the oil. All is good. I would not worry about it

Any oil filterecommendation?
Thoughthat Fram was good enough.
Is Walmart’s SuperTech any worse? “Compatible with Fram, Mobil1, and K&N.”

Thank you. Used wife’s filter because it would be cleaner than mine.

Any idea how many miles/months the collapsed filter was in use?

That pictured filter-media-only insert goes over a perforated tube, does it not?
So howould it collapse? Oil flows from outside to inside?

The Fram 9972 filters have a plasticap on each end. They insert on the RX350 canister’s perforated tube.

Manyears ago I changed an old man’s toilet paper oil cleaner.
Unwound the roll so that it fitightly into the metal canister. Oil would flow from one end of the roll to the other. His oil always looked new.

I’ve used Fram and Supertech with no issues for years. I kind of backed away from Fram when all of the internet began saying they’re low quality, collapse internally, etc. Supertech appears to be the same filter as AC Delco when visually inspecting them. I generally use Supertech now. Wix is a good filter also, reportedly. I believe changing oil frequently is more important than the oil filter. I wouldn’t spend the money for a K&N oil filter, myself.

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Fram is good enough. It meets the manufacturers specifications. There are better built filters out there, they also meet the manufacturers specifications. But the better filters may be either overbuilt, built to exceed the manufacturers oil change interval recommendations or they don’t have as good of control over their tolerances so they have to overbuild in order that the closest to out of tolerance filter is still good enough.

I’ve used Fram engine oil filters many times . . . both spin-on and cartridge type

I’ve never had one collapse

But I typically perform engine oil changes every 5K

so I’m not sure what would happen if I used them for extended interval oil changes


There is a spring inside the cap that keeps tension on the filter insert.

See arrow below for the plastic end cap. I don’t remember what brand filter that was, the picture was taken 3 years ago. The one on the right is Toyota/Denso