I’ve got a 2002 Toyota Celica automatic. The car feels like it’s dragging a trailer. Even though there is none. First I thought the brakes were locked up. Got them checked, no go. Then I thought it was the transmission, got it checked. Not that either. Anyone got any ideas? I perplexed.


Any Check Engine Light on?
Any excessive RPMs as compared to speed?
Fuel mileage down?

Just pondering if you may have a clogged converter or not.


No excessive rpm’s. No check engine light. No excessive fuel consumption.


How about getting the computer checked to see if it has any stored error codes. You may have codes even if the light is not on. Some places will do it for free. Try Autozone or Advanced Auto Parts


When they checked the transmission they ran the codes. No go.


Are the tires correctly inflated? How much excess weight in the car? Are the wheels properly aligned? Is the ignition timing correct? Is the fuel filter clogged?


You say the transmission was “checked.” What does that mean? Has the fluid ever been replaced? Does the car need new spark plugs?


Check tires once a week, full up. Car is empty except for spare. Alignment OK. Dealer says trans is fine. All fluids checked and replaced at recommended intervals.I don’t think it has a fuel filter. It doesn’t say I have to replace it.


Wouldn’t the car run rough if the timing was off. It runs fine except. Wouldn’t a clogged fuel filter make it run rough too?


e brake off?




If the timing is too far retarded, the car will run okay, but will be lacking power. The base timing shouldn’t really wander on your vehicle, but I do know the older versions of this car occasionally got the Throttle Position Sensor out of adjustment, which will cause the timing to retard, leading to lack of power, but it usually wouldn’t be bad enough to set off an engine code.


How do I check for that?


change the fuel filter.

the ebrake suggestion was NOT that far off the mark… DUH

have you actually checked the wheels after short drive, to feel for excess heat at each of the hubs?

although you may not have the ebraek handle pulled up, the cable may be stuck on, thus the idea of checking the ebrake. DOH


The e-brake suggestion, or even a sticking caliper, is a valid one and there is no reason at all to dismiss the suggestion as DUH; especially since you did not personally check the brakes or wheel movement yourself.


How about that four wheel alignment? Clogged air filter or just about anything.