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Dragging Trailer Hitch

I just put a hitch on my 98 crown vic so I could attach a bike rack and pull a utility trailer. I have a steep driveway and you guessed it, it drags going out. it also hits on other steep places. can I safely add some lift to the suspension to combat this problem?

Myself,I would not mess with the cars suspension in the least,just go slow and let it drag where it must. Perhaps I do not grasp the level of drag presented.

Reason number five for the popularity of higher SUV’s. Ground clearance is important. It’s a reasonable question and the answer would coincide with you willing to accept a change in ride, perhaps for the worse.

I recommend that you turn the car so it always hits that part of the driveway at an angle. Even a slight angle might keep the hitch from dragging.

Remove the slide in ball-mount when you do not need it and YES, a set of air-shocks can be very helpful for trailer towing.