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"dragging" effect below 1/4 tank, 04 New Beetle

Below 1/4 tank, sometimes get sensation that car is being pulled backwards for a couple of seconds- then car is fine.

Suspect a ping pong ball is in fuel tank, at low fuel levels it rolls around and sometimes block fuel. Weird 'cause another '04 New Beetle owner seems to have a ping pong ball too!

There’s no way to force a ping pong ball down the filler pipe, and even if you did it wouldn’t block the pump intake.

Have a mechanic measure the fuel pressure, especially at 1/4 tank or less.

nah,i don’t think there’s any way to fit an object like that into the filler thing it could very well be is that your in-tank fuel pump might be getting ready to die,your fuel pump relay,or possibly your fuel filter is clogged up with something.i used to own a NB Turbo and its fuel pump died very suddenly one day sitting right in the dealer lot~it’d just had other repairs fixed,too(what luck!) ;oh,that thing was such a lemon…