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Downstream O2 sensors

Thanks for all the replies.

Minus CAT and faulty sensor,it could be giving driveability issues am I right ?

Because ecu says ‘using 1 o2 sensor feedback fault’
Could that be telling us she uses the 2 sensors to regulate AFR?

I done a check to see if a short happened because I remember a wire came loose or got damaged(bare end sensor wires) .so I swapped CONNECTORS around to see what happens and read the code when CEL appeared again. It then said upstream sensor heater fault. That told me there isn’t a short when the wire got damaged. If there was then it would stay on downstream fault line to ECU. (Connectors changed around not sensors ) so the fault followed the sensor to where it was connected to (upstream or downstream)

That is not correct.
Removing (or gutting out) the CAT or having a faulty downstream sensor should not cause any driveability problems.

Then my problem isn’t the sensor?

I mentioned this above…

At pull away she is abit slow still but when changing to 2nd she kicks better than before cleaning the filter and breather. She picks up abit better though too. Not as sluggish at pull away but better then from 2nds shes pretty good.

When I can,I think I’ll throw in some injector cleaner,clean out my filter and breather again. Once every week or 2.
I stay in a dusty area.
Also,the breather pipe at the one end(engine end)it was blocked up with black dirt and a white sludge.
When you rev the car or try to open her(before cleaning)she sounds like she blocked. Like a person with a blocked nose. If I’m making sense​ father gave her(at operating temp)a good rev once. Like a good couple to see how she reacts to sudden revs and depressing accelerator. When driving after that she gave one good back fire and for a short while drove better. My father also said we must drive her more and drag out the gears more often because you can hear she behaving like a dirty clogged motor.