Dorman wheel nut and lock - Good quality?

Autozone is selling Dorman branded wheel nut and lock.

Are they of good quality? Are there other brands you want to me check out?

Dorman is a high quality replacement component. I wouldn’t hesitate installing a Dorman product.


Thanks my friend;
I was overwhelmed by the various brands (not even available at the local store) that people told me.

Appreciate it.

For anything metal, where strength and quality are critical, make certain that the part is NOT made in China. These kind of things you do not want to gamble on their quality, or lack thereof.

Dorman has been making high-quality fasteners and other automotive products for a long time.

I am AGREEING with you, Caddyman (and Tester). Dorman does have a history of quality products. China has a history of substandard products, ESPECIALLY, metals.
So, there is no disagreement about the Dorman brand.

don’t hesitate about buying Dorman.