Door Jamb light plunger adjustment

I just replaced the front drivers door on my 1991 Plymouth Acclaim with one from the salvage yard. Now, when I close my door, the dome light doesn’t go off. If I manually press in the plunger, the light goes off, so I’m thinking that something is just slightly off and I need to adjust the plunger to make it “stick out” farther.

After looking at this thing for 6 hours and beating my head against the wall trying to figure this out, I thought I’d ask…does anyone know how to adjust this thing so it stick out a little more. I looks like it was made to be adjusted, but I sure as heck can’t figure out how to do it.


How about the Back yard fix. Start putting layers of duct tape where it hits until it is build up far enough to turn it out?

I had this problem too on a used Dodge I had just purchased. There is supposed to be a rubber bumper on the door to contact the plunger; on one of the doors it was missing. Solution: I glued a rubber faucet washer to the door. The problem was fixed and never recurred. Try it and let us know.

The door jamb switches are adjustable. There is a ratcheting mechanism built into the plunger tube. Grab the plunger and pull on it. It should extend the tube. Then close the door. It should push the tube back to the appropriate length. I have done this on a few Chrysler vehicles and it has worked every time.

Another fix: glue a penny to the door where the switch hits the door.