Door Ajar light on

I have a 98 plymouth Neon, the door ajar light is been on since I had a CD player instaled, somtimes, the dome light goes on for a while. I am a bit concern about the battery going low in witer. Please help me. Thank you in advince.

The installer likely butchered your wiring harness. Bring it back and let them fix it.

Thanks for your quick responce. M&M

Sorry I couldn’t be more specific. He probably tapped into something to access 12 volts, created an intermittant ground somewhere, and exactly where is impossible to tell without actually diving in to the worksite.

Good news. I took my car back to the CD player was instaled, and Jeff was marvelously heplfull, he tested the doors swishes, he was able to figure out the defficent one. Il will cost me about $6.00 to replace it.

Audio installers really take a lot of unfair hits,this was not the installers fault.

I am always suspicious when the customer trys to link events.

I think the Quickie Lube guys also take unfair hits,yes they do cause problems

But the posts we get about people driving miles with the oil light on and not wanting to accept some responsability do not get my sympathy.