Don't drive like my brother

Tom & Ray,
At the end of each show, you always remind us “don’t drive like my brother!” That is all well and good because I have two brothers. But what do I say about my sister?!?! To say that she drives fast would be an understatement; her car appears on the FAA traffic control radars so regularly that her call sign is “Speedbird 82”, as if she were a Concorde jet.

So, in our family, it isn’t so much that we don’t want to drive like our brothers but most certainly, don’t drive like our sister!

Tony Mitchell

Duly noted!

forget driving like them, don’t drive like me lol, i do powerslide when traffic are around me not to mention the time i spun out doing 80 on i-75 accross all lanes of traffic while it was raining heavyly lol

So you’re saying you’re an idiot, or are you just making this up?

Whichever you prefer :slight_smile: Just don’t drive near him, either.