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Donation of new motor oil

I live in Bedford, IN (e.g. not a city with a lot of outlets for charitable giving for stuff like cars). We recently traded in one car and totalled another. Both were older models that necessitated keeping a small stock of motor oil on hand (Synthetic blends and full synthetics). I have some bottles of common types (like 10W30) that are brand new, unopened. Bought them at an autozone probably over a year ago now…so they are in no way returnable. We don’t have a ton, maybe 6 quarts; but are there good causes that you can give new oil to instead of recycling it?

I have not heard of any, To tell you the truth I am not sure about what the charitable places take. Deer hunters cannot donate venison, I could get them as many geese as they would like with my 7 iron on the golf course, but they don’t take geese. I keep thinking my grandparents ate goose and venison but it is not acceptable for eating? I could digress more, but I think a garage sale is the best bet.

“Deer hunters cannot donate venison…”

I guess it depends on the circumstances and how it is donated. There’s a guy in Silver Spring, MD that picks up road kill deer if it is fresh enough and prepares it for homeless shelters in the DC/Baltimore area.

benwoj, I suggest that you call local high schools and community colleges. They may have auto repair classes and might be able to use the oil.

In WI it is not acceptable, DNR quit picking up road kill, but there is a large cat zoo that picks up road kill as feed for the big cats. At worst your fair city may have a recycling site for motor oil.

Any schools or trade schools around? They might appreciate it.

Give them to your local mechanic.

" Give them to your local mechanic " Is a good idea.
Next time you’re there for an oil change of a different flavor, offer those in trade for the kind you need.

You can use an oil can to lube you cars body parts, nuts and bolts that are exposed to rust. Squirt a little into door, rear quarter and sill drain holes in addition to trunk lid while car sits over newspaper. Wipe excess off with rag. Let sit and drip for an hour or so on paper and dispose of. Wash and wax car a week later. Use about one quart per car per year; you have a six year supply and no rust problems ever in these areas…